How to Buy and Sell Crypto with Cash Using a Bitcoin ATM

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The first time you see a Bitcoin ATM, you may wonder what exactly it is, and more importantly, how it works.

Just hearing the name “Bitcoin ATM” might make you think that it connects to your bank account, like an ATM … and, come to think of it, like an online digital currency exchange.

But, nope … it doesn’t. You don’t need to give up your banking info to use a Bitcoin ATM (or BTM for short).

Most BTMs let you buy bitcoin with cash. That goes for more than 5500 machines in the U.S., which accounts for almost 78%. The other 22%, or 1580 machines, will let you both buy and sell (that includes all Coin Clouds, which make up 55% of that small slice). …


Coin Cloud

The world’s leading operator of two-way Digital Currency Machines (DCMs), a.k.a. Bitcoin ATMs.

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