10 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Bitcoin

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4 min readOct 30, 2018

Since Bitcoin first launched in 2009, the products you can buy with it have continued to grow. In its beginning days, very few items could be bought using the crypto, many of which were illicit items on dark web sites such as Silk Road. However, as Bitcoin’s popularity has skyrocketed over the years, more and more everyday items can be bought using Bitcoin. Every day, Bitcoin is beginning to look like a regular currency. In this blog post, Coin Cloud lists 10 different items that you didn’t know you could buy with Bitcoin.

Buying Things With Bitcoin

Originally, Bitcoin’s volatility made it nearly impossible to purchase everyday items because of the massive fluctuations in price. For example, a slice of pizza on the day you bought it may have cost only $3, but a week later, that same slice of pizza would’ve actually cost you $10 because of an increase in Bitcoin’s price. For this reason, many users have shied away from purchasing products using their Bitcoin, and instead hold on to their coin as an investment asset.

However, it looks like that may be changing soon. Bitcoin’s recent stabilization in price after a year of extreme ups and downs has made using Bitcoin as an everyday currency more enticing. Not to mention, its increase in popularity has allowed Bitcoin holders to purchase even more items with their crypto.

10 Interesting Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

  1. Mavericks Tickets. Although the franchise’s owner, Mark Cuban, has been one of the biggest Bitcoin skeptics over the years, he announced that the stadium will begin accepting both Bitcoin and Ethereum throughout the 2018–2019 season.
  2. A Brazilian Butt Lift. A Manhattan-based plastic surgery practice by the name of bodySCULPT became the first practice in NYC to accept Bitcoin for its services.
  3. A Burger King Whopper. A Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands began accepting Bitcoin in 2016. For every Whopper bought with Bitcoin, the restaurant gives away one free Whopper.
  4. A Funeral Casket. If you’re ever in St. Paul, Minnesota, and need to buy a casket with Bitcoin, you’re in luck. Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation allows customers to buy their services using Bitcoin. Not to mention, those that use Bitcoin will receive a 3% discount.
  5. A Rolex. The massive increase in Bitcoin’s price produced a lot of millionaires, so it was only a matter of time before the luxury market began accepting Bitcoin. The online luxury-watch retailer Javy Estrella began accepting Bitcoin in its marketplace.
  6. A Mattress. Online mattress retailer GhostBed allows its users to purchase a mattress using Bitcoin. The first bitcoin-bought mattress transaction happened within 15 minutes after the store announced that it would accept the cryptocurrency.
  7. Almost Everything in Japan. Japan has been one of the most forward-thinking countries when it comes to Bitcoin. Almost everything in the country can be bought using the increasingly popular cryptocurrency.
  8. Hotel Room. In 2014, the D Hotel in Las Vegas made history by becoming the first Las Vegas hotel to accept Bitcoin at its front desk, restaurants, and gift shops.
  9. A Piece of Property. On the website Bitcoin Real Estate, users can buy luxury pieces of property and real estate using their Bitcoin wealth.
  10. A Taxi. Don’t worry anymore about needing your debit card or cash on a night out to get home safely. In some countries, like Argentina and Hungary, dwellers are now able to hop into Bitcoin-friendly taxis to get around the city.

Where Should I Buy My Bitcoin?

In order to buy any of the items listed above, you must first own Bitcoin. There are two different ways to buy your Bitcoin, online or at a Bitcoin ATM. Online exchanges are great because you can buy and sell crypto from the comfort of your own home. However, you’re going to have to share your personal information and deal with long transaction times. Sometimes it can take up to 2–5 days just to receive your coin.

Alternatively, you can head to your closest Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM. By using a Coin Cloud ATM, users can buy and sell Bitcoin instantly using cash, all while only sharing minimal personal information. In addition, Coin Cloud’s live support team is available to help you throughout the entire process, making you feel comfortable knowing that your transaction will be handled properly.

What Is Coin Cloud?

Coin Cloud is a Bitcoin ATM company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 627 locations nationwide, Coin Cloud boasts one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of two-way Bitcoin ATMs in the world. Our network has helped more than 144,000 customers buy and sell cryptocurrency since opening our doors in 2014. To find your nearest Bitcoin ATM, please visit CoinCloudATM.com.



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