5 Ways Blockchain Is Changing The Way We Invest

In the early days, the only way to invest was to go through a broker. This is because brokers had access to all of the information and tools needed to trade on the stock market, information and tools that the individual or smaller investor simply didn’t have access to.

As time progressed, new technologies were developed that made it possible for the smaller investor to have access to the same information. Because of this, people were able to start investing through individual traders for specific trades.

Fast forward to today, where cryptocurrency and blockchain have taken investor’s freedom to an even a higher level. At first, cryptocurrencies were seen as a “fad” only to run its course and eventually be gone forever. However, we’ve seen adoption grow year after year and more and more technologies are being developed that utilize its underlying technology, blockchain. Once institutional investors saw the growth in popularity, they’ve scrambled to figure out how they can implement blockchain into their own investment methods. In this blog post, Coin Cloud discusses five ways blockchain is changing the way we invest:

  1. Decrease In Cost

According to a report released by Oliver Wyman, IT and operational costs in capital markets can cost up to $150 billion a year. Of course, all of those fees are passed down to the customers, meaning customers are paying front-end loads and higher administrative fees. With blockchain, these fees are significantly less expensive.

2. Quicker Settlement

Investments made on traditional platforms can take up to 3 days to settle. With blockchain, these transaction times can be sped up significantly, with most transactions taking only a couple hours to settle. If you use a Coin Cloud ATM, users can buy and sell their cryptocurrency within minutes.

3. 24/7 Global Markets

Every country in the global market has an opening and closing time for their markets. Blockchain will enable markets to stay open 24/7 by eliminating the need for a third party to validate transactions.

4. Reduced Fraud

Because all transactions, documents, contracts, etc. that are recorded to the blockchain are final and unable to be tampered with, it drastically removes the possibility for fraudulent activity. Even further, both new and existing platforms are getting on board with banks’ KYC (Know Your Customer) policies, making blockchain trading even more secure.

5. Change In Private Equity

Right now, private equity funds pool money from multiple different people to invest in various assets. People trust these funds to handle their money correctly. What if there was a way to remove the middleman so investors could invest freely and safely on their own? Well, with blockchain, this is possible. Blockchain allows investors to invest directly into assets without needing to work through a middleman.

Moving Into The Future

The five points listed above are just a few reasons why blockchain is changing the way we invest. There are several other reasons that exist far outside of this. All in all, the true value of blockchain is just starting to be revealed. Every day, new technologies are being developed that utilize blockchain in groundbreaking ways. Only time will tell just how much of an impact blockchain will have on our society. However, in such a short amount of time, blockchain has already shaken up some of the longest-standing industries and will only continue to do so as the technology grows and matures.

What Is Coin Cloud?

Coin Cloud is a Bitcoin ATM company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 627 locations nationwide, Coin Cloud boasts one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of two-way Bitcoin ATMs in the world. Our network has helped more than 144,000 customers buy and sell cryptocurrency since opening our doors in 2014. To find your nearest Bitcoin ATM, please visit CoinCloudATM.com.



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