A Perfect Hook-Up: Esports and Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain can help eSports improve on player satisfaction

Indeed, there exists a great potential for blockchain disruption in the eSports Arena. However, before blockchain becomes widely accepted in the new industry, there are a number of significant challenges that have to be overcome. The eSports market currently relies on the notion of having commissioned third-parties, processing transactions, rather than losing command of their private ecosystems.

Crowdfunding for the development of new games

Specifically, a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform would add direct contractual alignment between the players and the developer communities. So, when a player invests his money into a game in development, he is rewarded by owning the tokens to this particular game.

Trusted Payments Processing

Payment processing, which is perhaps the most popular use case of blockchain technology, can also facilitate the exchange of value within the platform. Smart contract technology can act as an escrow service, ensuring that funds are available for prize money to be delivered. In addition, a blockchain system will significantly lower the costs of fund transfers in real-time.

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