Are BTMs Really “Big Time Magnets” for Criminal Activity? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article, we were speaking with Raquel Shingleton, VP of Compliance and Chris McAlary, CEO of Coin Cloud, about criminal activity at Bitcoin ATMs.

We ended off with:

Unparalled Customer Service

“Well, we have limits in place that prompt our customers,” says Shingleton. “This could be first-time customers that have never used our kiosk or it could be a repeat customer. We prompt them to call and speak with a member of our customer support team. This department is trained on how to speak with our customers to identify if they’re doing a transaction on their own behalf or somebody prompted them to use our kiosk, and we will deny a transaction if we suspect the customer is the victim of a crime or a victim of a scam.”

Robust Compliance Software

“Our software will also detect when there are anomalies,” Shingleton adds, like when multiple people are trying to use the same account, or the same ID is being used on different accounts. “All of this is reviewed by a member of our Compliance Team, and accounts will be blocked from further use if detected.”



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