Bitcoin Enthusiasts Who Got Carried Away (And Made Millions)

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3 min readMar 19, 2019
(image via The Daily Beast)

This is the story of Didi Taihuttu, a Dutch businessman who made a controversial decision to sell everything and invested it all in Bitcoin.

Didi Taihuttu evoked diverse reactions from both the public and the crypto sphere with his decision to radically change the lives of his family. In the summer of 2017, just as Bitcoin was gaining traction in the public domain, Didi and his wife decided that they wanted to downsize and live with minimum possessions. Around the same time, Didi was convinced that Bitcoin was not just money, not only digital currency, but also the financial vehicle of the future. The idea of a decentralized network made him feel comfortable with his minimalistic idealism. So he sold everything and invested in Bitcoin, allowing him and his family to do just that.

While the rest of the world rejected Bitcoin without listening to its case, Didi began investing the funds he raised from the sale in February 2017, when BTC was valued at around $1,000. Didi felt good about what he was doing and continued buying BTC when it was valued at $10,000. The currency was hyped for what it could do and what it was going to do, and Didi understood that and valued Bitcoin even more.

So when BTC was valued at $20,000, an all-time-high, Didi held on to his investment. Didi understood the process of innovation and that the disruption of money wasn’t going to be instant. He valued BTC more than money itself and believed the BTC would rise with the pride, variety and flair it will add to the economy.

During an interview with the Wall Street Journalist Thomas Di Fonzo, he evaded the question of revealing the amount of BTC he had purchased over the years. However, he stated that he believed that he would have been a millionaire by May 2018.

The cryptocurrency market crashed, and the value of Bitcoin plunged with it, as we know. Didi and his family are said to have lost more than $500,000 during the crash. Despite this, Didi remains unfazed. He said that he isn’t in it for the short-term but rather the long-term.

Today, Didi and his family have become a Bitcoin brand, better known in the crypto sphere as the ‘Bitcoin family’. They travel through the roads of Europe in a campervan and live in caravan parks. They live their lives free of the social huddle we experience, exploring all the places where Bitcoin was accepted as a means of payment.

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