BTMs Aren’t Just for Bitcoins! (Part 2)

Smart and Stable … Altcoins You Can Trade at Coin Cloud

Yesterday we took a look at the Cryptocurrency category of digital currency you can buy and sell on Coin Cloud ATMs. Today we will examine two related categories: Smart Contracts and Stablecoins.

Smart Contracts

Digital currencies used in the execution of smart contracts are in a special category. A smart contract uses “If This Then That” (ITTT) logic to execute various actions, programmed on the blockchain. Once a contract is executed, the code is updated on the blockchain ledger. Stablecoins, one of the tradeable categories of digital currencies, use these blockchain ecosystems (stay tuned for more on stablecoins in the next section).

Ethereum and Tron

Ethereum is the most famous blockchain ecosystem, and all stablecoins used to be Ethereum-based. Now there are other options, but Ethereum is still the most used because it’s the biggest and most accessible. Ethereum smart contracts have built-in regulation, on-chain logic, go through multiple audits and are closely watched to maintain security. Tron is a runner-up in this category.

Now things get a little more complicated. Ethereum and Tron are usually called digital currencies, but this isn’t quite exactly true. They are in fact the platforms for their corresponding cryptocurrencies, Ether (ETH) and Tronix (TRX) respectively. Both can be traded at Coin Cloud BTMs, and both are mined cryptocurrencies … but “special” cryptocurrencies.

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