Can Your Bitcoin be Stolen?

How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

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Hot Storage Wallets

Hot storage wallets include online wallets and mobile wallet apps. They are simple information (bitcoin) storage units, protected by a private key. Some of them require two-step authentication, assuring that the only person getting into your wallet is someone who knows the specific information you picked for your authentication, or has access to your phone. Of course, this means if anyone gets access to your information or your private key, they also have access to your wallet, and therefore your bitcoin.

Cold Storage Wallets

Cold storage wallets work similarly to hot storage wallets in most ways. The difference lies in the fact that cold storage wallets work offline. This is considered to be a more secure way of storing large amounts of cryptocurrency, as being offline allows your wallet to be generally off the radar of people searching to steal. Equally so, online wallets are viewed as a good place to store smaller amounts of crypto for everyday use.

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