How Digital Currency Machine Rates Work

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2 min readJul 6, 2021


7 Factors That Impact DCM Exchange Rates

Coin Cloud works every day to build and sustain the trust of our biggest asset — our customers. And transparency creates trust, so we are honest about our rates. DCM exchange rates are designed to cover both the concrete and flexible costs of maintaining a national network of two-way DCMs. As the market fluctuates, our rates also adapt.

Here are 7 factors that impact DCM exchange rates:

1. Rent

Coin Cloud pays hosts a monthly rent to sub-lease the space inside of their stores where our kiosks operate. This allows us to put machines in prime, convenient locations.

2. Compliance

As a registered Money Services Business (MSB), Coin Cloud has a full-time team to execute a Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance program. This is in place to prevent money laundering and other crime.

3. Cash Transportation

Coin Cloud DCMs are serviced by armored truck carriers that pick up and drop off cash at each of our locations.

4. Bank Relationships

MSBs, bitcoin-related businesses, and cash-intensive businesses each require unique banking relationships that incur additional fees from standard checking accounts, and Coin Cloud falls under all three categories.

5. Repairs and Maintenance

DCMs require maintenance and repairs to stay operational, including regular servicing, parts replacement, bill jams and other fixes.

6. Operational Risk

Coin Cloud must compensate for potential theft, damage, and other adverse outcomes that may occur through running a cash-intensive kiosk business.

7. Customer Support

Coin Cloud provides live US-based phone, text, chat and email support seven days a week to help guide customers through the process of buying and selling digital currency. Our highly-skilled, best-in-class customer service team can be reached at (855) 264–2046.

What is Coin Cloud?
Founded in 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Coin Cloud is the leading digital currency machine (DCM) company globally. With over 2,000 locations nationwide, in 47 states and Brazil, Coin Cloud operates the world’s largest and fastest-growing network of 100% two-way DCMs, a more advanced version of the Bitcoin ATM. Every Coin Cloud DCM empowers you to quickly and easily buy and sell 30+ virtual currency options with cash. You can find your
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