How Do I Get a Bitcoin ATM?

What Types of Locations?

We’ve discovered that the locations which work the best for hosting Bitcoin ATMs are those that get a lot of foot traffic, and attract people from a wide geographic origin:

What Types of Customers?

The other cool thing about adding a CoinCloud to your store is that you’ll have people searching for places to buy or sell bitcoin with cash, and these people will specifically come to your location instead of your competitor. And hosts tell us that while they’re there, customers usually buy something else.

How Much Work is Involved?

The best part is, this is the simplest, fastest and most profitable way to offer your customers bitcoin in a hands-off way. Rather than having to accept it for purchases or deal with selling it at the register, you can just have a machine that does it all for you — and pays you!

Are Bitcoin ATMs Profitable?

We have several ways that you can profit by hosting a CoinCloud Bitcoin ATM. Our hosts are very happy with the arrangement, and we’d be pleased to have a current host talk to you about it. Or you can view our video case studies.

Benefits to Hosting a CoinCloud

Here are the main benefits you’ll receive, in a nutshell:

1. Offer More Than Cash

If you have a banking ATM in your store, you might not think you need another machine. But the Bitcoin ATM is completely different — and yet a perfect partner to an ATM. It works in a similar manner, but doesn’t require a bank account or debit card. It lets your customers buy digital currency with cash. So, it won’t take business away from your ATM, but might just increase it if you place them side by side.

2. Be Seen as Cutting Edge

Customers see businesses that offer bitcoin as being cutting edge and modern, so you’ll be viewed in a different light than your competitors. Bitcoin shows no sign of slowing down or losing popularity, so now is the time to get involved if you want to be seen as a leader in your industry.

3. Drive More Traffic

As mentioned above, people will be searching Google for places to find bitcoin, and your store will come up as a recommendation. Customers will actually go out of their way to visit your store instead of a closer competitor — and they’ll likely buy something else while they’re there.

4. Earn More Revenue

Probably the most important benefit to your business is the increased revenue. Not only will we pay you for use of your small piece of retail floor space, but the extra customers you’ll attract will be helping you with increased sales as well.



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