How to Buy Bitcoin Without ID

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading

There are many different versions of this method, but they all involve making a deal with a holder of bitcoin to purchase it from them directly. You can meet these sellers in person (usually at a coffee shop, casino or other neutral-but-potentially-seedy public location) or you can do the trade online or with a bank wire. Of course, anything but face-to-face is going to involve some type of digital trail and probably some type of account or paperwork — and in-person meetings have a lot more unknowns.

  • Customizable (what, where and how much are up to the two parties)
  • Often you must meet them face-to-face in questionable locations
  • There’s no guarantee of safety or security
  • The other person might scam you or steal your money

Real-World Trading

There are sites, like OpenBazaar, which act like cryptocurrency versions of eBay. So, it’s still P2P, but instead of trading money for bitcoin, you’re trading stuff for bitcoin. You can empty out your closet, clean out the attic or hit some local yard sales, and sell your finds on the site. So, if you have the time (to find things to sell, to create listings, monitor listings and wait for them to sell), you could make a little money this way. But it’s probably not the fastest, and definitely not the easiest method.

  • No ID or credit cards required — just bitcoin
  • Could be fun
  • Time commitment is required to source items and create listings
  • It will likely take some time to sell your stuff once listed
  • You have to ship out physical items once they sell
  • You have to install the software on your computer

Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs)

By far the easiest and safest way to buy bitcoin is with a Bitcoin ATM, or a more advanced Digital Currency Machine, like a Coin Cloud DCM. And if you’re only buying a limited amount, you don’t need ID … just a mobile phone.

  • Quick, easy and secure transaction
  • You only need a mobile phone number (ID for higher amounts only)
  • You don’t have to deal directly with another person
  • Much safer than trading P2P
  • There might not be one near you (but more are being installed all the time)
  • The amount you can buy without ID is limited



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