How to Cash Out Ethereum

1. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading

Of course, you could always set up a personal deal with someone, and trade your ETH for their USD. Whether you meet them on a forum, P2P trading platform or just Facebook, it’s still considered peer-to-peer trading.

2. Bitcoin ATM

The fastest and easiest way to cash out your Ethereum Ether is using a Bitcoin ATM. But not just any Bitcoin ATM. There are two criteria:

  1. It must be a Bitcoin ATM that allows you to cash out (almost 80% of US-based machines do NOT allow this!)

The Truth About Bitcoin ATMs

The truth is that only 20% of all Bitcoin ATMs actually allow you to cash out. Instead, they let you BUY bitcoin (and sometimes a few other currencies) with cash, but the machines aren’t capable of feeding that cash back out. They’re one-way (unidirectional) only.

Trust a Coin Cloud BTM

But guess what? 100% of Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATMs are two-way, AND they let you cash out your Ether (plus 30 other currencies).



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