How to Sell Bitcoin

Can You Sell Your Bitcoins for Cash?

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Bitcoin ATM (BTM)

The easiest and fastest way to sell your bitcoin for cash is to use a Bitcoin ATM — but not just ANY Bitcoin ATM. Most BTMs are one-way, only allowing you to buy bitcoin, but not to sell it.

How to sell Bitcoin for cash

  1. Press the “Start” button
  2. Enter your mobile phone number
  3. Enter the unique identifier code texted to your phone
  4. Select the “Sell” option
  5. Select the “BTM” option
  6. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (in denominations of $20, $50 and $100)
  7. Scan the QR code that appears on the BTM screen with the camera function on your mobile wallet app
  8. On your Bitcoin wallet, enter the EXACT amount the BTM is requesting
  9. Send the funds to the QR code you scanned
  10. Transactions take approximately 10–15 minutes to process on the Bitcoin network
  11. Once the transaction has fully processed, you will receive a text message informing you to return to the BTM to withdraw your funds
  12. At the BTM, log in with your phone number once again to retrieve the dispensed cash
  • You can set up your sell in advance on the app. Your chosen machine will reserve your cash for up to 48 hours, and you don’t have to wait for a text message or go back to the machine twice.

Over the Counter (OTC)

If you want to trade a higher volume of bitcoins for cash, you will use the Private Client Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading desk and do your transaction in person or via wire transfer. To find out more, please call or text our customer support team at 855–264–2046 or email

The world’s leading operator of two-way Digital Currency Machines (DCMs), more advanced Bitcoin ATMs.

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