Predicting The Bitcoin Frenzy That Will End It All

(via RTE)

Bitcoin has been dominating news headlines lately, spurred on by an army of newly proselytized adherents as many try to understand, “what is Bitcoin?” However, have you ever wondered what makes Bitcoin, Bitcoin … or rather, do all these numeric things have a future in our society today and in the days to come?

There is more to Bitcoin than meets the eye. Beyond the encryption is a personality, with a distinct taste and unique style of doing things. Beyond the intricate patterns within the network that need to be understood over time, is an industrial revolution unlike any other. Bitcoin is a way of life so intense that there is a word for the crypto-world; a cult.

Yes, that’s right. The Oxford dictionary defines the word “Cult” (of something) as a way of life, an attitude, or an idea that has become very popular. Make no mistakes in the number of people who get in on this. The rules of three are about to become the rules of four; get yourself some Bitcoin.

It’s so easy to get carried away with Bitcoin. The world we live in is programmed to force us to get carried away with Bitcoin. In the current centralized system, we are forced to work ourselves to death while centralized entities get to reap the benefit of our hard work. Well, Bitcoin is here to change that. The culture that has been part of an effort to keep economic engines running is about to be hit by a capacity constraint virus as more people move to a decentralized financial system.

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the only tech disruption you need to know about. The global financial services industry is at an early stage of a significant digital transformation powered by the confluence of Financial and technology-driven innovation.

Bitcoin will soon hit $213,000 as adoption grows against an oppressive and overbearing financial system. Once all Bitcoin has achieved its hard cap, its total market cap will be $4,473,000,000,000. Bitcoin will replace the money supply and launch an alternative asset class.

What a difference a year makes. Bitcoin was on its way to making a 50 percent monthly gain. It hit a record high of $19,783 on 17th December 2017, but its heyday was short-lived. Fast forward to present day and Bitcoin is on track to shed more than three-quarters of its value since November, the worst monthly decline since 2011.

What you need to understand about the 2018 crash is that bubbles are necessary to bring capital into new and emerging markets. Bitcoin is undergoing real-world trials to see if this innovation is going to stand the test of time. Bitcoin has priced just under 4,000 dollars today.

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