The Role Bitcoin Plays In International Trade

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It’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin takes over the world.

Bitcoin Is Ready To Take Over The World

Brief Overview of Bitcoin

The technology that makes Bitcoin possible is blockchain. Blockchain allows people to engage in financial transactions without the need for a middle man. These are called peer-to-peer transactions.

Bitcoin has already shaken up the US market and is ready to do the same in the world market.

How Does Bitcoin Benefit International Trade?

Trade with the same currency no matter where you are in the world. One of the biggest challenges when engaging in international trade is having to deal with different currencies. Different currencies with different exchange rates just add to the already complicated process of buying and selling products abroad. With Bitcoin, this is no longer an issue; Bitcoin gives everyone in the world one single currency to trade with. For example, a small artisan leather maker in Patagonia can sell his products to a leather distribution company in Los Angeles without having to worry about the difference in currency, exchange rates, etc. This makes international trade simpler and evens the playing field for all players involved.

No more long waiting times. Sending and receiving money from abroad can take days to receive. With Bitcoin, buyers and sellers can send and receive money almost instantly. For a nation whose banking system is slow and inefficient, Bitcoin provides a great solution to overcoming those obstacles.

No worry about failed payments. One of the biggest risks when dealing with international suppliers and buyers is payments bouncing back, and not having the resources or access to make sure you receive your money. A lot of businesses have been scammed by foreign buyers and sellers this way. With Bitcoin, this isn’t an issue. A business must have the money already in an account in order for a Bitcoin transaction to go through. As a result, there’s no possibility of transactions being cancelled, making international trade less risky for businesses.

No transaction fee. This is one of the main benefits that Bitcoin brings to international trade. When dealing with a third party such as a bank, businesses can end up paying extremely high transaction fees just to have their money sent to and received from international buyers and suppliers. With blockchain enabling peer-to-peer transactions, purchases made with Bitcoin are free of transaction fees. This allows business owners to keep more money in their pockets.

Your business will have a secured record of all transactions. Tracking orders across international borders can get really messy. Sure, there’s software that attempts to simplify this process, but a lot of software is still subject to manipulation. With Bitcoin and blockchain, all transactions that go in and out of your business will be secured and verified. Blockchain doesn’t allow data to be manipulated, so you can count on all transactions being accurate and up-to-date.

Looking Towards The Future

What Is Coin Cloud?

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