What Are Bitcoin ATMs, And How Do They Work?

A Bitcoin ATM is a kiosk that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly on the machine with cash.

You can think of it as a currency exchange kiosk that gives you the power to go from fiat currency to digital currency and vice versa.

When you use a Bitcoin ATM, you are exchanging your dollars for the equivalent amount in Bitcoin, minus an exchange fee for trading one currency for another.

Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATMs provide you with the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency. How? With most online exchange platforms, you must create an account to use the service.

When you use a Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM, you can get started with just your mobile number and cash in hand. After you enter your mobile number, you will receive a verification text message to make sure it’s you, and then you can complete your transaction. If you are only using your phone number, you have what’s called an unverified account. With an unverified account, you have a lifetime transaction limit of $100-$1,999.

You can also verify your account to increase your daily and lifetime transaction limits. With a verified account, you will have a limit of $2,999 per transaction and $10,000 per day. Also, you will have no lifetime limit, meaning you can trade as much Bitcoin as you’d like over time. Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATMs make it easy to verify your account right at the machine by scanning your ID and taking a photo of yourself.

In conclusion, a Bitcoin ATM is a kiosk that allows you to exchange one type of currency for another without the hassle of setting up accounts or waiting days for your transactions to go through.

What Is Coin Cloud?

Coin Cloud is a Bitcoin ATM company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 650 locations nationwide, Coin Cloud boasts one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of two-way Bitcoin ATMs in the world. Our network has helped more than 144,000 customers buy and sell cryptocurrency since opening our doors in 2014. To find your nearest Bitcoin ATM, please visit CoinCloudATM.com.

If you have questions, visit our website at CoinCloudATM.com or give us a call at 855–264–2046, and one of our service representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your Bitcoin questions.



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