What Happens if Bitcoin Crashes?

Experts Don’t Agree

Here’s some breaking news: experts (even super-smart financial experts and CEOs with doctorates) don’t always agree on what the financial landscape looks like. So we’re going to have to take some of this with a grain of salt.

Bitcoin Bull

2020 showed us a bull market for Bitcoin. The price fell to $4,000 when the president announced a national emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic, but just 7 months later, it soared past the $13,000 mark on the heels of PayPal announcing its adoption.

Times Have Changed

When talk of crashing to zero was rampant, Bitcoin had just seen an insanely-high surge to $20,000 before dropping down to just over $6,000 within two months. Some said it was deliberate market manipulation. Others said it was a bubble, ready to burst and leave a big mess.

Bitcoin’s Price Savior

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that one guy, Alistair Milne, who put in a crazy buy order on a crypto exchange last year. His order is for 18.52 million BTC at a penny each, so that if it does crash, he can at least save it from the dreaded $0 price.



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