What is a DCM?

You might have wondered:

  • What is a Digital Currency Machine (DCM)?
  • How is a DCM different from a Bitcoin ATM (BTM)?
  • How do we know what this kiosk does compared to that one?

Digital Currency Machine vs Bitcoin ATM

There are a few things to look at when it comes to figuring out what best to call a machine that offers a service. There’s not just one answer.

Four Problems with “Bitcoin ATM”:

  1. Unlike an ATM, you don’t need a bank account or debit card to use a Bitcoin ATM.
  2. 80% of BTMs don’t let you withdraw cash like an ATM does.
  3. ATMs have a different set of licensing requirements than BTMs.
  4. Many BTMs are compatible with more virtual currencies than just Bitcoin (hence the term Crypto ATM, which still has the first three problems).

Introducing the Digital Currency Machine (DCM)

Coin Cloud prefers to call our kiosks Digital Currency Machines because it’s a more accurate description, and because our kiosks are different than other brands:

  • Coin Cloud DCMs support bitcoin AND 30 altcoins for both buying and selling



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