What is Bitcoin Core?

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3 min readMay 21, 2021

The Evolution of Bitcoin Software

You’ve heard of Bitcoin. You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin Cash, a lighter variant. But what the heck is this Bitcoin Core?

Well, the short answer is that it’s the original Bitcoin, the old-school Bitcoin, from before the forks. So, if nobody had ever decided to change or “improve” anything about Bitcoin, we would only have what Bitcoin Core is now.

Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin Classic

Taking a look at the Bitcoin hard forks, you’ll notice there was a Bitcoin Classic. Developed in 2016, it was meant to be a better solution than the mega-size Bitcoin XT launched in 2014, which had increased Bitcoin’s block size to 8Mb from 1Mb.

If we were completely following the Coke Classic analogy, Bitcoin Classic should have been the original Bitcoin. But Classic doubled the block size of Bitcoin Core (then still just called Bitcoin) to 2Mb instead of only 1Mb. The block size of Bitcoin Core is still just 1Mb.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Classic disappeared in 2017, after a little more than a year of operation. Bitcoin Core is still around. But yeah, most people still just call it Bitcoin, including us.

The Evolution of Bitcoin Core

From its launch in January of 2009 to September 2011 (version 0.4.0), Bitcoin was just called Bitcoin. In November of that year, Bitcoin-Qt was launched as version 0.5.0 and replaced the Bitcoin software. This release featured a new front-end interface, different database type, faster block download and better wallet encryption.

Bitcoin-Qt was the standard for all Bitcoin software versions through 0.8.6. In March 2014, starting with version 0.9.0, the software for the main Bitcoin blockchain was renamed Bitcoin Core. The latest release, in August 2020, was Bitcoin Core version 0.20.1.

With the launch of Bitcoin Core, transaction fees were reduced to encourage people to make smaller purchases with Bitcoin. This didn’t really pan out on a mass scale, but the August 2017 hard fork Bitcoin Cash later stepped in to serve that purpose.

Where to Buy Bitcoin Core

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