What Stores Accept Bitcoin?

Car Dealerships

Many small and locally-owned car dealerships will accept bitcoin payment, but most notably BMW dealers have been known to make a point of it. You can also purchase a Lamborghini with it … and probably always will be able to. After all, the phrase, “When Lambo?” (which translates as, “When will my crypto be worth enough to buy a Lamborghini?”) is too commonplace for this option to disappear.

Movie Theatres

Yes, you can buy movie tickets, popcorn and refreshments with bitcoin. This payment option is offered by large chains Regal Theatres, AMC Theatres and Lionsgate, as well as presumably some smaller and niche cinemas. If you’re purchasing in advance, Fandango and MovieTickets also let you spend your BTC.

Jewelry Stores

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, designer jewelry or Rolex watch, check out REEDS Jewelers. Not only do they accept bitcoin online, but you can also spend it instore at all REEDS locations across the country.

Bars and Restaurants

Brewdog, a favorite hipster hangout bar that prides itself on being cutting-edge and trendy, accepts bitcoin at select locations. So does EVR Bar in New York and the Killfish chain in Russia.


If you want to bet with bitcoin, look no further than Las Vegas. The city where Coin Cloud is based, and installed the Strip’s first Bitcoin ATM, is well-known for bitcoin friendliness. You can spend your coin at modern hotspot The D Las Vegas Casino & Hotel, the vintage Golden Gate Casino and the upscale Aliante Casino and Hotel, among others.



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