What Websites Accept Bitcoin?

Places That Accept Bitcoin Online

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1. Technology


Microsoft was among the first companies to start accepting bitcoin in 2014. They have announced several times that they would stop taking it as payment, but keep reversing that decision shortly afterward. This hesitancy to fully commit seems connected to the crypto market’s volatility.


Large online computer retailer Newegg began accepting Bitcoin in 2014 and continues to encourage the use of BTC as a payment option for customers.


Telecommunication giant AT&T was the first major mobile carrier in the U.S. to provide crypto payment options, using payment processor BitPay.


If you need to register a domain name or get your website hosted, look no further than Namecheap. The freedom-loving company is a favorite in the crypto community because they accept bitcoin for all their services.

2. Finance


PayPal now accepts bitcoin for transactions on its payment platform and integrates with several crypto payment processors.


The leading e-commerce platform jumped on the bitcoin bandwagon in 2013, and lets you use crypto with its retailers. You can also set up your own online shop to accept bitcoin from your customers.

3. Home Décor


Overstock started accepting cryptocurrencies for purchase payments in 2017. Besides bitcoin, you can spend your Litecoin, Ether and Dash when shopping for home goods. Not only that, but the giant online retailer has a wholly-owned subsidiary that invests in blockchain tech companies.

4. Travel


The leading travel website that promises fantastic flight and hotel deals was one of the first to accept bitcoin for booking their services … but now they’ve stopped. Well, maybe they’ll pull a Microsoft and change their minds again!


The online travel agency dedicated to the cheapest flights still accepts bitcoin … so crypto millionaires have another choice for spending their coin when making travel plans.

5. Food


The first bitcoin purchase was pizza, and now you can also buy subs with your cryptocurrency. Subway currently accepts bitcoin for payment and may add other virtual currency options down the road.

Burger King

Have it your way, and pay your way? It’s not everywhere, but Burger King outlets in Venezuela have started accepting bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dash and Tether. And in Germany, you can buy your burger with bitcoin on the BK mobile app or website.


It was only for a limited time, but who knows what they’ll do next? KFC Canada had a “Bitcoin Bucket” promotion where you could pay for your chicken with bitcoin and have it delivered right to your home.

What is Coin Cloud?

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