Where Can I Find a Bitcoin Machine?

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2 min readJan 13, 2021


How to Locate the Nearest Bitcoin ATM

(Originally published August 2020)

Bitcoin machines, a.k.a. Bitcoin ATMs (or BTMs for short) are cropping up in more places than ever before.

In fact, from the first two machines installed in 2013, consistent growth has led to almost 7,000 BTMs in the US alone, according to Coin ATM Radar

More than 10% of those are CoinClouds, and 100% of CoinClouds are two-way machines, allowing you to both buy and sell digital currency with cash. In fact, with the vast majority of those 7,000 machines being one-way only (you can buy bitcoin but not cash out), over 54% of all two-way machines in the USA are CoinClouds.

The challenge is, where do you find them?

What Type of Machine?

Well, if you don’t care about being able to withdraw cash, you can go to Google and search for nearby Bitcoin machines. That way, you’ll see all the brands and types of Bitcoin ATMs near you. Most of the non-CoinCloud machines will only be one-way, so keep that in mind when choosing your location.

Ease of Use Between Brands?

We should also mention, however, that we did an undercover investigation and several interviews with users and BTM hosts, and overwhelmingly discovered that CoinClouds are among the easiest Bitcoin machines to use.

The steps are straightforward and intuitive, the directions are simple, and the information required is minimal (just your phone number, and for higher limits, one form of ID — no email, no complicated charts, explanations or processes. Just a quick and easy transaction).

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