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You Don’t Need to Be Tech-Savvy to Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATMs are Easy for All Ages

“Kids today grow up learning about technology, so they’re the ones who know how to use it.” “I’m not tech-savvy enough to figure it out.” “My 10-year-old grandson will set it up for me.” “I don’t understand all that techno mumbo-jumbo.”

Does any of that sound familiar?

While it’s true that young people have a leg up over those who didn’t grow up with technology, it doesn’t mean older generations can’t use it … learn it … embrace it … and love it.

Sure, maybe you didn’t have a tablet when you were 3 years old or a phone in your pocket and a computer on your desk at 8. But the truth is, not all technology is difficult. And not all tech-based processes require you to have a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

Let’s take Bitcoin, for example. (We could talk about all kinds of digital currency and other crypto besides Bitcoin, but we’re just going to stick with the big dog for now.) Bitcoin is new (well, relatively new — it’s actually over a decade old now, but that’s kinda new.) It sounds complicated, all the young people seem to be embracing it, and it must be hard to understand, let alone use. Right? Wrong.

Was a TV easy the first time you used it? No, but you figured it out pretty quickly. What about a phone? A microwave? A coffee maker? A typewriter? A computer? They all started off unfamiliar, but you got it. Now you’re pretty good at using all those things.

It’s the same with Bitcoin. There’s a learning curve, but it’s not that steep, and there are tools that make the whole thing easy.

Learn the Basics

If you’re brand new to the concept of cryptocurrency, first read Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper on Bitcoin, which started it all. That will explain the concept behind creating a digital, decentralized and borderless currency that allows you to maintain some amount of privacy and anonymity. No Big Brother watching you here! (You don’t have to understand every detail of the white paper — just the big “forest” overview. Even tech geniuses don’t know everything about the “trees”!)

If you’re not familiar with Satoshi Nakamoto, neither is anybody else — because he/she/they have never revealed their true identity. You just need to know that this is the person/entity who created Bitcoin. The founding father, so to speak.

So, if you want to sound cool while you stand around chatting with friends — or coworkers over a video conferencing meeting — you only need to learn a little bit of the lingo. Watch a few YouTube videos for beginners, or join a Facebook group. Some of the conversations and posts will make you scratch your head at first, but eventually you’ll get it.

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